Monday, April 13, 2009

N.T. Wright, aka Mr. New Testament

I am deep in end-of-semester exegetical and theological swamps, trudging through ever so slowly, only now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Rest. Sleep. Two months of no homework (except that self-imposed...) until German in July. I am living and breathing imminent eschatology.

So, a thought and a question. Nicholas Thomas Wright is one of the most prominent, respected, and well-known New Testament scholars in the world. His scholarly pen name is N.T. Wright, which just so happens to be the same abbreviation for his field of work, the New Testament. N.T. Wright does N.T. work. Isn't that a little crazy?

Is this a unique happenstance? Is it true of anyone else? Some formulation of one's own initials is the same as the abbreviated initials of one's field of specialty/work/occupation? Does there exist any of the following:
  • Nate Bradley Adams?
  • Aaron Newton East?
  • Oliver Travis Stevens?
  • Erin Lane Crockett?
  • Pamela Draper Smith?
  • Matthew Lewis Barton?
  • Peter Reynolds Bale?
  • David Taylor Price?
  • Nathan Fuller Langston?
  • Fabio Lauderdale Snyder?
Feel free to suggest new names, match those names to their respective fields, comment on this strange phenomenon, and/or reveal actual people who also exist as abbreviations of their expertise. What a strange thing!

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