Friday, May 7, 2010

And Now, Four Tasks for the Summer

The summer has officially arrived -- in the semester's end and in the sun's return -- and the following are my four tasks:

1. A 12-week internship at my church; an extension of the internship during the year, except this time paid. Always good.

2. Organize, prepare, plan, save, email, coordinate, negotiate, network, and pray and fast in fear and trembling for the coming onslaught of PhD applications this fall.

3. Thesis time! First: read everything published by John Howard Yoder. Second: read everything published by Robert W. Jenson. Third: read Karl Barth, James McClendon Jr., Stanley Hauerwas, and Gerhard Lohfink (but not all of them!). Fourth: also read poetry and novels (perhaps including everything Franz Wright has ever published).

4. Just for fun, add to my ongoing directors list. Two chief goals: move those directors most of whose films I've seen into the "All" category, and see at least one film of those directors of whose films I have seen zilch.

Those are my four chief tasks for the summer. There will also be family, a conference, camping, a wedding, GRE, possibly fun, and perhaps rest. And come August 9th, a short course on theologies of religious pluralism.

Sounds good.

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